Vote for CPC and a bright future


CPC is an elite startup venture club, founded by Stanford affiliates and fairly and deeply rooted in the IoTeX community. We are passionate and experienced in blockchain technology and the market trends. We are devoted to contributing IoTeX a prosperous decentralized ecosystem. We believe that a democratic consensus mechanism is a guarantee for a brighter future.


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IoTeX is the auto-scalable and privacy-centric blockchain infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT). Roll-DPoS is IoTeX’s in-house consensus mechanism, which enhances DPoS to support sub-chain architectures and large-scale IoT DApps. Roll-DPoS Provides instant finality and a more democratic variant of DPoS, by picking a new set of delegates every epoch. This results in faster block production, high throughput, and low latency.


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How To Vote



The IoTeX will be rewarding Consensus Delegates 16 IoTX per block mined and extra 8 IOTX per block in the first year. This amount to 2,102,400 IOTX for every Consensus Delegate during the first year. Plus, a Bonus Reward of 450,000 IOTX will be shared by all delegates per epoch by the weighted amount of votes.



We will distribution 80% of all rewards back to our voting members in proportion to your votes cast for CPC.  Our original goal is to make IoTeX the world biggest blockchain, so we will reserve 10% reward as a development fund which will be invested in the global meetups, Dapp development, marketing campaign, etc. We will use the rest 10% to cover the cost of running a node in the IoTeX community.


Initially, we recommend you to stake your tokens for as long as you can to maximize your return. The stake duration can generate voting power which means the longer you stake the higher return you can get. For example, if you stake 1,000 IOTX for 350 day, you can receive a voting power of 1,321 IOTX.




This calculator is live and will automatically lookup the current vote for CPC and total election votes to calculate your estimated weekly, monthly and yearly rewards.